Iris Yiskah Sarg
 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador

Iris Yiskah Sarg

 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador


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By Geraldine

Iris is my Personal Coach in sports and relaxation for almost 10 years. After so many years, she still surprises me with new exercises, always crazier to achieve my sport goals. Iris is not lacking in imagination when it comes to working my muscles, always in joy, positive energy and good humor! A few months ago, my schedule became more complex to manage, with frequent travel. Iris offered me to switch to online coaching. It's an excellent formula that allows me to take advantage of my weekly session anywhere on the planet, even during my holidays. As soon as i identify a possible time slot for me, i book on its website. In video, no detail escapes her : posture, level of effort engaged, breathing... she is on all fronts, as in face-to-face. Thank you Iris !

By Anna

Iris is a wonderful coach! She has been training me for many years several times a week, live and online, and her classes are always different and complete, I have never been bored. She is very attentive and adapts quickly to the needs of the client. Punctual, professional and just a wonderful person! With Iris - the result is guaranteed.

By Jürgen

Iris is and has been my personal Trainer for many months. It has been a really enjoyable experience. She knows how to push somebody at the limit without overreaching. At the same time her training has a lot of variations, hence it never becomes boring. Finally she has a very strong focus on the posture, thus you will do the exercises in the right way. Something which has been very important for me as I had some knee problems. I can only recommend her.

By Thomas

Iris is an authentic good Trainer, a patient woman, conscientious and serious in the good sense of the word. Iris has a wide range of sporting abilities (Yoga, Fitness, bodybuilding, boxing), and a lot of experience in the sports world which is added value, and helps her pupil to better advise for finding the best physical activity, adapted to his morphology, his needs and his wishes. I was very lucky to have been able to work with Iris who guided me well, made a good diagnostic to rectify and improve my physical condition. She also gave me access to sharp knowledge. I practiced lots of workouts : Fitness, cardio training, circuit training, bodybuilding, stretching and sophrology with Iris. I highly recommend Iris's teaching.

By Anna

Iris is my Personal Trainer and my ideal partner who adapts my trainings to my rhythm of life, my shape of the moment and my objectives (cladding, tonicity, slimness). Adaptation without compromise, because as in my life as an executive woman or mother of a family, the good results come to reward the regular efforts.

By amca

Iris was my personal coach for a little over a year and she was amazing. She succeeded in getting me to a level that I was convinced was impossible. I regained strength and confidence in my body and my abilities that I had almost given up on. Since I have left Paris, I have struggled to find anything like her. I could not recommend her more. Thank you Iris - your impact is powerful!

By Amélie

I was a member at the fitness club where Iris works and I particularly appreciated her body balance course. Indeed, in comparison to other coaches, who are often very bad, Iris has been one of those who love what they do, have all the knowledge necessary to do their job right and who know how to communicate it. What is more, Iris performs her movements thoroughly which is a joy to see when it comes to different postures and which makes us want to surpass ourselves to realize them as well as Iris does. Having a good teacher who sets a very good example is extremely important, and Iris definitely falls into this category of professionals. So do not hesitate to work alongside her as she is also very friendly!

By Florence

I’m grateful to Iris for her professionalism and her listening skills. I had an accident which affected my back and Iris allowed me to regain the muscle tone carefully. I’ve made a considerable progress in no time. A big thank you to you, Iris!

By Marc

Thanks to Iris, I got back in shape and recovered a liking for exercise and sport! Iris is patient, she’s a good listener who knows how to boost the spirit! Thanks a lot!

By Gwladys

As an active woman and mother of two young children, I particularly appreciated the sports coaching with iris who helped me to get back in shape very smoothly while boosting my spirit at the moment of my return to work. Iris’ assets are taking into consideration the global harmony of the body and its needs, steady determination always adapted to your individual rhythm – all so that you make progress. A relaxed mind in a tonic body – that’s what Iris’ courses have helped me achieve! A healthy mind in a healthy body: thank you, Iris! Can’t wait for the next course!

By Yolande Demuth

I admire Iris for her listening skills and her dedication; nothing is left to chance. This kind of professionalism can only encourage us to follow everything that she prepared so wall for each of us. I feel very well taken care of and her attention to detail and sense of accuracy confirm that I was right to take the coaching sessions with someone so devoted and dynamic. I am not a sportsperson and yet Iris inspired me to take up physical activity. Thank you Iris for being there for me, it was a real pleasure.

By Gaelle Allali

After several years with no physical activity, I decided to go back to sport. Iris knew how to adapt herself to my needs and make me rediscover the taste of sport. I was very happy about the sessions with Iris which helped me to fell physically more comfortable.

By Rémi Borel

Body and mind made of steel but her personality made of velvet… Iris is a subtle mixture of maternal tenderness, feminine attention and determination of a sergeant instructor, Plus a sense of humour. Cardio-training, fitness, body balance, body combat: from softest to most engaging trainings, with Iris – I practiced them all. It was thanks her that I first put my feet in a fitness room. It is thanks to her that I continued to go there. The quality of her listening skills, her capacity to adapt her lesson to a level of each person, her contagious enthusiasm and energy to move forward, her empathy towards both the experienced and beginners, no matter the physical capacity, all of that make us “addicted” from the first contact. And then, immediately after, there is a visible and lasting progress, with no pain, and all the good that she does outside is visible also inside. In short, Iris is a support, good advice, benefit, source of harmony that you will follow for a long time. What does the name Iris represent? All the best that well practiced sport can bring to each of us. It should be reimbursed by Social Security.

By Raphaëlle Leroux

Iris knew how to listen and respond to my needs in adapting her coaching session with precision. She is patient, attentive, and her encouragements are a real boost for the morale! Ideal to regain self-confidence and restart a physical activity. And also to surpass oneself. Thank you Iris, I loved those 5 sessions with you!

By Richard Gordon

Le "Cercle Foch" adores Iris’ courses and everyone admires the quality of her work and her dynamism! I’m lucky to be starting on Monday... Richard Gordon

By Edouard Huberdeau, Cercle Foch Director

Le Cercle Foch was looking to bring a feminine touch to its panel of masculine trainers. That’s how we got to know Iris Sarg. As a result, our members discovered a new method of training which was different from what they had already known. Professional, innovative and devoted, Iris quickly won all the votes and her courses attract more and more participants. I strongly recommend Iris’ courses to anyone who wants to make rapid physical progress, no matter what level they have. Whether you choose a group lesson or a session of coaching, the benefits you will gain with the help of Iris will be spectacular. Iris is easy-going and always smiling and what is remarkable is that her experience as a model and actress gives her extra self-confidence and ease in public. She will provide you with a technique, the satisfaction of effort, but she will also teach you to surpass yourselves to reach your objectives. To sum up, do not hesitate! Edouard Huberdeau, Cercle Foch Director

By Nour-Eddine Lhamzi, Fitness Manager "Club Med Gym"

I was very lucky to have Iris in my coach team. I was impressed by her dynamism and technical level but it’s definitely her enthusiasm and her state of mind that make her exceptional. Her huge empathy allows her to adapt to each individual. If you are looking to reach your goals and surpass yourselves, you know what you should do!

By Fabrice

I was lucky to attend several classes of Body Balance with Iris and I still have excellent memories of them! Iris is a very dynamic coach with a perfect method (and I believe the Body Balance is one of the most difficult disciplines to coach)! She always gives good advice on how to correct the mistakes which allows us to stretch beyond our “comfort zone”, to exceed our limits and make further progress! Thanks a lot Iris!!!

By Claire Jeannel

The first time I saw Iris during the course, it was her physique (fine and graceful muscles) which inspired me to take the courses. Body Power, abdominal muscles, buttocks, physical culture… Then I came back for this “special thing” I found in her courses. Originality, perfectionism, ambiance..?! Undeniably all that! On top of that there is also this ‘soul supplement’ that Iris gives us, in particular during her … courses. Thank you, Iris!

By Charlotte L.

Iris has been helping me to get back to shape which I had lost with time. She motivates me, supports me, surrounds me, and ‘keeps a close eye on me’, which does me good! The courses are joyful (moreso for her than for me ;) ) and effective. Thanks to her, each day I feel a bit better. THANK YOU! THANK YOU IRIS!

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