Iris Yiskah Sarg
 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador
 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador

Iris Yiskah Sarg

My Background

I am a Qualified Sports Coach since 2007.

Personal Trainer for individuals (at home, online, outdoors or indoors).

I worked for "Reebok" Brand as Ambassador "Strala Yoga". I work for sports event, Television and magazines,  fitness clubs, various sports associative structures, business committees, and private clubs such as:

Le Cercle Foch (Paris 16e), le Cercle de Paris 15, Charlety, le CMG Sports Club, c-o, Veolia...


I Worked in partnership with the "Reebok" Brand as Ambassador for the "Strala Yoga".

I represented the brand "Reebok" and worked for big sporting events to coach people in "Strala Yoga" (Body Fitness, La Parisienne ....)

My goal as "Reebok" Ambassador was to bring sports' love, keys, sporting and technical skills, motivation, positive energy to everyone through social networks and sporting events.

I am glad and very proud to have represented and worked alongside "Reebok". Thank you Reebok for your trust.

W Hotels - W Paris Opéra - Saturway

I worked as "Strala Yoga" Instructor at the "W Paris Opéra" (W Hotels Worldwide) in partnership with the brand "Reebok"

I coached every Saturday a Strala Yoga Class.


The "Strala Yoga" has been founded by the well-known Yogi "Tara Stiles" in New York City.

I am a Strala Yoga Instructor, trained and certified by Tara Stiles in 2014. Tara Stiles recommended my work to W Paris Opera.

The "Strala Yoga" is a fun and energetic course of yoga with relaxation at the end. It does not impose any spiritual dimension, but instead we focus on the movements, the rhythm of the breathing and music, leaving each person free.


I also coach personal Strala Yoga lessons by reservation.


Sports Coach and Personal Trainer at "Le Cercle Foch" from 2010 to 2019.


I coach Fitness group classes several times a week and Personal Training with an abundant clientele.

High Standing private circle, Foch Avenue - Paris 16th.

The "Cercle Foch" counts among its members a number of men and women of all nationalities and backgrounds, all united by the same objective: “the creation of friendship and cooperation between all in a society where individualism is often in the spotlight”.

Several activities contribute to the life of the Circle :

  • getting fit in the sports complex where you will find a heated swimming pool, spa, saunas, relaxation rooms and gym equipment (cardio and body building) for all levels
  • relaxation during cinema evenings, jazz concerts or original evening conferences
  • discussion during bridge games, backgammon, chess, Scrabble or poker
  • meeting at the restaurant for lunch, cocktail or a family reunion.


CMG SPORTS CLUB is the largest network of Sports Club in Paris.

  • 22 sports clubs in Paris open 7/7 from 7am to 11pm
  • more than 60 activities in group lessons
  • 7 swimming pools
  • 2 spas, steam rooms, saunas
  • Coaching

Sports Coach and Personal Trainer at CMG Sports Club from 2007 to 2017.

I coach various sport group classes: Fitness, cardio-training, circuit training, Body Sculpt, Free Style (STEP, LIA Low Impact Aerobics), Stretching, Strala Yoga, LES MILLS Concept (CX Worx, Body Combat, Body Balance, Body Pump) and Personal Training.


Sports Coach and Personal Trainer for the Company "Véolia Environment" from 2010 to 2016, in collaboration with Christophe Huet (Physical Trainer, Sports Director at Issy Triathlon, Associate Director of (Coaching and Sports Events).

I coach various sports group cladsses several times a week: Fitness, Body Sculpt, Cardio-Training, Circuit-Training, Strala Yoga, Body Balance, Stretching and Personal Training.

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