Iris Sarg
Personal Trainer
Qualified Professional Sports Coach
Reebok Ambassador
Iris Sarg
Personal Trainer
Qualified Professional Sports Coach
Reebok Ambassador


Hello everyone! This is new ! Now, i will also give you a session training with Skype ! I have seen many times that's it's not always easy for you to schedule a training because of full of professional and personal reasons but that you really want to. If you travel a lot because of business trips , if  you really have a busy schedule, you move a lot all the time , you don't have enough space at home or you don't feel comfortable to meet me at home and you don't want to train outside, and any other reasons... I propose to you a way to make that easier for you and to have a possibility to be trained everywhere! Let's contact me here and we will schedule one ! Are you ready ? ;-)

Partnerships with "Egeritour" , Metropolitan Models Agency and Reebok's Brand at the Reebok's Sports Club "La Salle de Sport", Opéra, Paris. Training Session for the models. Proud of you girls! Really good work! It was a pleasure to train you all and i wish you good luck! Thank you to my partners for your confidence and this beautiful work's energy! 

See you soon on the TV Channel "TF1" for the TV Show "TéléShopping" with the presenter Alexander Devoise. We're introducing to you during a live Broadcast "Smart ABS" and "Wavertone ABS". It's great for doing some exercises. It's at 8 a.m. this Saturday and 25th. ;-)

Marie  a testé le Body Balance avec Iris Sarg

Partnerships and Report with the Newspaper "Marie Claire" and the sport website "Zippy Pass".

Report about one of Les Mills' sport concept : The Body Balance.

You can watch this report here too :

Are you ready to practice this sport? I really love the Body Balance, it's a very complete training in Soft Gym. You have to discover it. ;-)

Strala Yoga / Should we be flexible to practice yoga ?

Should you be flexible to practice yoga ?

This is a question that many people are asking. Don't be afraid , everyone can and should practice yoga.

The most important thing is not to be the best for practicing a sporting activity. What is important is to love what we do and the rest will come naturally with experience.

Feel free to practice yoga. It will help you on the contrary to acquire flexibility. Watch the video ;-)



August 2014 : Iris Sarg Sports Coach -Presented the "Fitness 5 min" equipment for muscle reinforcement for the Téléshopping program on the National channel "TF1" / with the presenter Alexandre Devoise / Live Broadcast

July 2014 : New workshop in France with Tara Stiles / Strala Yoga

July 2014 : Collaboration with the magazine "Santé Magazine" for the article focused on the muscle reinforcement of the lower body. Proposal of various exercises and visual intervention for the exercises (photos). Publication in August 2014

In Live in the TV Show "C'est au programme" on France 2

Publié le 27-07-2015, 22:31

Discover the TV Show here!

You can now see me presenting strala yoga in a TV Magazine which was also filmed live in the TV Set on France 2 for the TV Show "C'est au programme" with the Tv presenter Yves Lahiani and Christelle Ballestrero.

Sports Coach on TF1 / TV Show

Publié le 27-07-2015, 22:30

Sports coach for a TV Show on TF1 with the presenter Alexandre devoise, in order to present the different advantages of the muscle-development exercises device for the body : "Smart Abdos, 5 min Fitness..."


Interview on "My Fitness le Site"

Thank you to Amélie Bruder and "My Fitness le Site".fr for this beautiful interview and moment.

Discover the interview here !

Course of CxWorx / Les Mills

Publié le 28-05-2014, 20:04

Cours de CX WORX with IRIS SARG / Extrait N°3

Course of Step

Publié le 28-05-2014, 20:05

Course of Step - Given at Club Med Gym

Cours de Step Club Med Gym

Cardio Training Course Sample

Publié le 28-05-2014, 20:06

Given at Club Med Gym

Extrait Cours Cardio Training  Club Med Gym

Course of Body Balance / Tai Chï

Publié le 28-05-2014, 20:06

Course of Body Balance / Tai Chï

Cours de Body Balance   Echauffment Taï Chï Gym

Advice of the day!

Publié le 27-07-2015, 22:36

Sport helps to release tension of everyday life, it brings a balance, well being, physical and mental strength. What is waiting for you can only do you good, so do not wait to get started, the hardest part is making the first appointment. Once you get started, you will not want to miss sport. I am here to encourage you, help you surpass yourself and achieve your goals with confidence ;-)

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