Iris Yiskah Sarg
 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador

Iris Yiskah Sarg

 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador

My values

With dynamism, sensitivity and positivity

Knowing oneself better is the key to higher efficiency during training.

By getting interested in the word "coaching" you have already gone halfway.

Through the following words:

  • mental preparation
  • achievement of objectives
  • mobilisation of resources
  • change initiation
  • metamorphosis

the word ‘coaching’ refers to the difficulties that a coachee can meet. As your coach, I will accompany you step by step by means of a fair look at who you are, but mainly by asking the right questions. This way I will be able to help you enhance your talents, achieve your goals, or to identify the solutions to your difficulties.

My aim is to allow each person to develop, do their best and fulfil their objectives.

My positive state of mind is based on a pragmatic philosophy of the human potential and simply on sharing my positive energy with everyone.

The combination of this mind state and different ways of training (see the section "my background" and "session") that i will propose to you after having seen your application, will make you feel even better as well as physically and mentally stronger.

Fitness, Cardio-Training, Circuit -Training, also the Gym defined as "soft", the Sophrology & PNL

To be able to coach softly and efficiently, it is necessary to be an expert in this area. This is the reason why I could use in my coaching certain specialisations that I like in particular such as gym defined as soft (pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc.) in order to work on a posture, and strengthen the abdominal muscles by means of respiration to make the deep muscles work.

By different training techniques, I will accompany you and encourage you to achieve your goals:

  • getting back into shape,
  • weight loss,
  • muscle tone, 
  • stress release,
  • Well-being


If necessary, I could also end the session with sophrology (relaxation therapy).

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