Iris Yiskah Sarg
 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador

Iris Yiskah Sarg

 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador

My values


You are already halfway there by becoming interested in the word "Coaching":

  • Mental Preparation
  • Achievement of objectives
  • Mobilization of its resources
  • Change Trigger
  • Metamorphosis


I am passionate about sport and human relations.

Gentleness, dynamism and positivity are the key words of my approach.

My sensitivity, my skills and years of professional experience allow me to always adapt your Training to your level of physical condition and to your emotions, your mood.


Don't wait for a rest session though! If i know how to adapt to your needs, it is with the aim of always getting you to surpass yourself in physical effort, and to push the limits that the mind can set.


You will realize at the end of each workout: "Yes, it's possible!"

You will feel a feeling of accomplishment, of surpassing yourself with a physical and mental well-being.

Your Coaching is also a moment of sharing to relax, relieve stress, bring you positive energy, reveal your potential, give you a taste for sport.


My role is to support you step by step, to allow everyone to evolve, to enhance your talents, to help you achieve your goals and much more! In the event of difficulties, my role is to provide you with solutions that will allow you to resolve them and give the best of yourself through a fair look at "who" you are and your possibilities;


Each of my clients comes out of their Trainings satisfied and happy.  You will acquire excellent physical condition and mental strength.


I will offer you different Training methods after having targeted your request and your sporting background.

I will also be able to use in my Coaching certain specialities that i particularly like, such as Soft Gym exercises (Pilates, Yoga, Taï Chi, Qi Gong...) in order to work the postural and strengthen the deep muscles. I will help you better manage your breathing.

If necessary, I could also end the session with Sophrology to relieve stress and tensions (relaxation).

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