Iris Yiskah Sarg
  Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Sports Coach

Iris Yiskah SARG

  Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Sports Coach


Please contact me through the CONTACT FORM to make an appointment with me for a Training at Home, Outdoor or Online, and if you require more information! I will call you back!


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Iris Sarg

Based in
Paris & Tel Aviv
France & Israël

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Your Feedback

By Geraldine

Iris is my Personal Coach in sports and relaxation for almost 10 years. After so many years, she still surprises me with new exercises, always crazier to achieve my sport goals. Iris is not lacking in imagination when it comes to working my muscles, always in joy, positive energy and good humor! A few months ago, my schedule became more complex to manage, with frequent travel. Iris offered me to switch to online coaching. It's an excellent formula that allows me to take advantage of my weekly session anywhere on the planet, even during my holidays. As soon as i identify a possible time slot for me, i book on its website. In video, no detail escapes her : posture, level of effort engaged, breathing... she is on all fronts, as in face-to-face. Thank you Iris !


By Anna

Iris is a wonderful coach! She has been training me for many years several times a week, live and online, and her classes are always different and complete, I have never been bored. She is very attentive and adapts quickly to the needs of the client. Punctual, professional and just a wonderful person! With Iris - the result is guaranteed.


By Jürgen

Iris is and has been my personal Trainer for many months. It has been a really enjoyable experience. She knows how to push somebody at the limit without overreaching. At the same time her training has a lot of variations, hence it never becomes boring. Finally she has a very strong focus on the posture, thus you will do the exercises in the right way. Something which has been very important for me as I had some knee problems. I can only recommend her.


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