Iris Sarg
Personal Trainer
Qualified Professional Sports Coach
Reebok Ambassador

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Iris Sarg

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Paris - Tel Aviv - New York City

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By Thomas

Iris is an authentic good Trainer, a patient woman, conscientious and serious in the good sense of the word. Iris has a wide range of sporting abilities (Yoga, Fitness, bodybuilding, boxing), and a lot of experience in the sports world which is added value, and helps her pupil to better advise for finding the best physical activity, adapted to his morphology, his needs and his wishes. I was very lucky to have been able to work with Iris who guided me well, made a good diagnostic to rectify and improve my physical condition. She also gave me access to sharp knowledge. I practiced lots of workouts : Fitness, cardio training, circuit training, bodybuilding, stretching and sophrology with Iris. I highly recommend Iris's teaching.


By Anna

Iris is my Personal Trainer and my ideal partner who adapts my trainings to my rhythm of life, my shape of the moment and my objectives (cladding, tonicity, slimness). Adaptation without compromise, because as in my life as an executive woman or mother of a family, the good results come to reward the regular efforts.


By amca

Iris was my personal coach for a little over a year and she was amazing. She succeeded in getting me to a level that I was convinced was impossible. I regained strength and confidence in my body and my abilities that I had almost given up on. Since I have left Paris, I have struggled to find anything like her. I could not recommend her more. Thank you Iris - your impact is powerful!


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