Iris Yiskah Sarg
 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador

Iris Yiskah Sarg

 Athlete • Personal Trainer • 
Reebok Ambassador


During the first meeting I will ask you many specific questions in order to create a programme adapted to your needs. We will discuss the objectives you would like to achieve and the first session will allow me to determine your level in sports. During each session you will make progress safely and confidently.

The course will last one hour (or 1h30 upon your request) one or several times a week, and it will be comprised of three key phases: warm-up, the body of courses that will be specific to your goals and needs, and then we will go back to relaxation and stretching. 

I work in collaboration with health care professionals:

  • chiropractors,
  • physiotherapist,
  • nutritionist,
  • dietetician,
  • shiatsu practictioners,
  • traditional chinese medecine practitioners
  • energy healers and cells memory healers,
  • general medicine

I adapt myself to you, your needs, your level, your lifestyle and your schedule to provide you a personalized fitness program. Together we will be much stronger!

Here are the overall objectives, programmes, and care offered:

  • Weight loss
  • Fitness
  • General toning / Muscular Strengthening
  • Toning specific to your demands (e.g. specific programme for abdominal muscles, buttocks etc.)
  • Cardio Training
  • Sculpting/slimming
  • Stretching
  • Relaxation 
  • Soft and Postural Gym (mixture of yoga, Tai-Chi, Pilates)

Possibility of tax reduction

Iris’ courses are authorised services to individuals, 50% of tax reduction is possible.

  • FOR EXAMPLE: 700 euro of course in 2012: you will have the right to a tax reduction of 350 euro for 2012.

If you require additional information about the functioning of the tax reduction for all the courses of sports coaching at home, click here.

  • FUNCTIONING: At the beginning of each year, a tax statement will be sent to you for the courses of previous year. The corresponding sum of money needs to be declared at the income tax return form. (ATTENTION – only self-financed party, beneficiary of CESU has the right to tax reduction)
  • PAYMENT METHOD: bank cheques, cash and pre-financed CESU are accepted.

A medical certificate is obligatory to practice gym. The information contained on this website under any circumstances do not exempt their users from consulting a health care professional to make a relevant and complete diagnosis on the basis of a medical record.

1 Personal Training Session (1h) : 90 €

1 Personal Training session (1h30) : 120€

Package of 5 Coaching Sessions : 425€

Package of 10 coaching sessions : 800€


1 Personal Training session         (1 hour) : 80€

1 Personal Training session (1h30) : 110€

1 Duo Training session (1 hour) : 110€ (55€ each person)

1 Duo Training session (1 h30) : 150€ (75€ each person)

1 Group Coaching session (minimum 3 people up to a maximum of 15 people) : 45€ each person of the group


Duo Training Session : 120€

Package of 5 Duo Coaching sessions : 525€

Package of 10 Duo Coaching sessions : 1000€


1 Personal Training session (1h) : 100 €

1 Personal Training session (1h30) : 120€

Package of 5 Personal Training sessions : 475€

Package of 10 Personal Training sessions : 900€

From 45 min up to 1 Hour 30 of Training : Price open for negotiation - contact me

  • All sessions cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the training scheduled will be charged and/or deducted from the package.

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